J. E. B. Ransone Lumber Co., Inc
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J. E. B. Ransone Lumber Company, Inc. was started in 1972 by J. E. B. Ransone Jr. and his son the current president John E. B. Ransone III  
The current location was opened in 1979. Supplying the retail lumber dealers with high end lumber and quality building materials. 
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We Import Pine and Sell Upper-Grades
of Finished Lumber
The Homasote brand embodies an array of uses and fiberboard products specific to sound control in floors and walls, tackable wall board, fire protection for roof decks, concrete expansion joints and  industrial packaging. Homasote products are non-toxic, wax emulsified for moisture and mold-resistance. Integrally protected against termites and fungi, ensuring a healthy environment.
       MiraTEC® Treated Exterior Composite Trim 
Made from the patented TEC™ process, combines the eye-catching beauty of a reversible with smooth on one side and cedar style on the otherside with long-lasting performance. Because it is not hardboard, MiraTEC trim will not delaminate, rot,  and termite resistant. Backed by a 50-year limited warranty.
Plycem fiber cement exterior trim delivers a reversible trim that complements any siding and architecture, provides the durability,  long-lasting, fire resistant fiber cement, and contains environmentally friendly recycled materials.
Paulownia wood is a specialty light weight, preprimed and stain blocked suitable for interior and exterior trim applications
                                                                   RADIATA PINE 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DOUGLAS FIR                
                                                       SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE                         
                                           TREATED SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE 
                                             REDWOOD BOARDS & PATTERNS